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United Kingdom

I figured I should write something about me here too.

Hi, I'm IwaReject! You can call me Sarah or Iwa like most people do. I'm 18 years old, currently living in England studying to go to Maths at university! I used to draw in a heavy anime style but now I draw in something more original- inspired by pin up style art- I love voluptuous figures, large eyes and pouty lips! (Hee hee) I draw only with the mouse digitally!

I hope to sell my art at university so I'm working super hard to improve!

Iwa loves:

:bulletred: Touhou
:bulletred: Dangan Ronpa
:bulletred: Xenoblade Chronicles
:bulletred: Hannibal
:bulletred: Pokemon
:bulletred: Elder Scrolls

My YouTube-

:iconmurky-shadows: is the Fiora to my Shulk (wat)


If you have any questions and stuff you can email me on my public email C:

I haven't done this in a billion years!! I thought I'd do it with my babies!

1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

Using Yumi, Maya, Luci and Kii

-1. How old are you?
Yumi: I am 19- I'm so olddddd.
Maya: I'm nearly 20 oh my god shut up Yumi. *nudges Yumi quite hard*
Yumi: Owww...
Luci: I'm 18 and this little twerp who hasn't woken up yet is 16. *prods Kii in the face*
Kii: Five...more....minutes.... *rolls over*

-2. Do you want a hug?
Maya: Sure!
Yumi: Don't bump my piercings! *whines*
Kii: *clings onto Luci in her sleep* u w u

-3. Have any bad habits?
Kii: *yawns* Sleeping in too late...
Yumi: Getting a new tattoo every time I come into money..
Maya: Giving into Yumi when she says she's getting a new tattoo even though I despise them.
Luci: I don't have any bad habits.

-4. You a virgin?
Yumi: Umm...... *glances at Maya*
Maya: Don't you even lie.
Yumi: no....
Maya: Thank you *folds arms*
Kii: Y-YES! I'm only 16!
Luci: Unless Kii smothered me in my sleep at some point, yes.

-5. Have any kids?
Maya: Ew no
Yumi: No thank you! Maya and I want a kid free life!
Kii: I am a kid!!
Luci: I already have to deal with Kii does that count.

-6. Favorite food or drink?
Yumi: VODKA!
Maya: Oh my god Yumi this is a child-friendly quiz! I like tea and strawberry shortcake.
Yumi: oh yeah question 4....SOOO child friendly
Luci: Hmmm....I like salads I guess? With loads and loads of colourful vegetables and a nice dressing...aaaah...perfect!
Luci: You need to live a healthier lifestyle! I'm going to take you to my aerobics class next week.
Kii: Noooooooooooooo

-7. Any secrets?
Luci: If I told you it wouldn't be a secret????
Kii: I really want a cat but my mother won't let me get one, so I feed a stray cat that comes into our garden every day! Please don't tell my mother...
Yumi: Ummmmm...
Maya: NO!
Yumi: I...can't say...

-8. Love anyone?
Yumi: Mayaaaaaaaaa! *wraps arms around Maya's shoulders*
Maya: I guess I love Yumi. *kisses Yumi's wrist for no apparent reason*
Kii: I love animals, and my family, and my friends! *points at the other three girls*
Luci: That's a secret!

-9. What is your job?
Yumi: I'm an art student! I want to be a tattoo artist. But I like to sing in my band too- we're not too big yet, but we try!
Luci: I'm still at school right now, but I want to be a personal trainer!
Kii: I'm still at school too, but I volunteer at the vets on weekends. I want to be a veterinary nurse when I finish school!
Maya: I'm a pâtissière at a cake shop near my and Yumi's apartment. I really love baking all kinds of sweets!

-10. Favorite season?
Kii: Summer, because you can go to the beach!
Luci: Winter, so I don't have to go to the beach...
Maya: I like the spring! The pastel flowers look great, and I can wear them as hair accessories!
Yumi: I like spring too! The weather is nice enough to have picnics, and that means eating Maya's desserts!

-11. Who's your best friend?
Luci: I don't have a best friend, just a close circle of friends -these guys- and some friends at school!
Maya: Yumi is my best friend! We've been friends since we were small, and when she asked me out when we were 14 we haven't stopped being best friends!
Yumi: Maya...that was so cute... *hugs her tightly*
Kii: Same as Luci! But I hang out with Luci the most, because Maya and Yumi get all lovey-dovey when we go out as a group.

-12. Hobbies?
Yumi: Singi-
Maya: She means that weird psycho screaming!
Yumi: MAYA! As I was saying...singing, art -obviously- and getting piercings and tattoos!
Maya: Baking and photography!
Kii: Looking after animals, eating Maya's cakes and playing piano!
Luci: Exercising- I'm always working out.

-13. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Maya: I have to go to work.
Yumi: And I have to get to university- it's life drawing today... *shudders*
Luci: Go for a run- it's just the right temperature outside.
Kii: Go back to sleep....

-14. What is your eye color?
Kii: Blue!
Yumi: Green!
Maya: Orangey-red!
Luci: Hazel!

-15. Are you good? Or bad?
Yumi: I look like some villain with loads of tattoos and crap, so I'll say bad! And Maya looks like a candy princess so she's the good one!
Maya: ....
Luci: EH what kind of question is that?
Kii: GOOD!

-16. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Yumi: Well I've been after a piece on my right shin of a Japanese style dragon- but it's going to cost so much money and I'm just a poor student...
Maya: Is this material? If not, it would be for Yumi to have fewer facial piercings...they ruin her face!
Yumi: I already took out my two labret piercings because they "interfered", what other ones did you mean? Q A Q
Maya: I don't like your weird top lip one! Q A Q It interferes....
Luci: Aw man they're fighting about piercings AGAIN.. *sigh* I'd like a new treadmill!
Kii: World peace Q u Q
Luci: ...
Maya: ...
Yumi: ...
Kii: u w u

-17. What is your greatest fear?
Maya: The dark...whenever Yumi has to go out on a residential trip I get really scared, I don't like being in the dark by myself...
Kii: Suspicious people...
Yumi: Waking up in a frilly dress!
Luci: I don't have any fears!

-18. Does your name have a special meaning?
Luci: Well it comes from 'Lucy' which means light?
Kii Not especially!
Yumi: My name has a few different meanings- it can come from the kanji 弓 "archery bow", 由  "reason" or 友 "friend" combined with the kanji for "mi" meaning beautiful!
Luci: You know a lot about your name...
Yumi: Well I thought my parents gave me a name that was way too cute for me...
Maya: Well my actual name is Amaya which means "summer rain". I think it's pretty, but I prefer Maya.

-19. Any siblings?
Yumi: Nope!
Maya: I have a younger sister.
Kii: A big brother and a big sister!
Luci: You're way too childish for a 16 year old. I'm an only child.
Maya: You're just too serious...
Kii: Says you!

-20. Do you find yourself attractive?
Maya: Sometimes....Yumi makes me feel pretty *blushes* u // w // u
Yumi: eeeeeee
Luci: ......
Luci: Sometimes?
Kii: Same? I don't know anyone who always finds themselves attractive!

-21. What's your favorite manga?
Luci: I don't read manga.
Kii: Oh! I like so many! But my favourite at the moment is Tokyo Mew Mew. I love the cute girls!
Luci: *giggles*
Maya: I don't read manga either...
Yumi: I don't have TIME to read manga!

-22. What is your battle, sad, ect.. theme song(s)?
Luci: uuummm.......
Kii: The opening to a cute shoujo anime!
Yumi: Something death metal? I don't know...
Maya: This question is stupid.

-23. How do you imagine yourself in the future?
Yumi: As a tattoo artist! I would love my own shop!
Maya: Married to Yumi! But we're waiting until she's done with university first.
Yumi: eeeee u // w // u
Luci: Passing all of my exams?
Kii: Looking after animals!

-24. Who do you respect the most?
Kii: People who have had to deal with hard things in their lives. Mental illnesses, physical illnesses, a rough childhood...these people are awesome because they fight so hard, and don't give up.
Everyone else: That was so nice Kii....

-25. Do you have any special power?
Yumi: I know how to please a lady. *wiggles eyebrows at Maya*
Maya: *spits out tea* Y-YUMI SHUT UP! *pushes her over*
Luci: No?

-26. If you could gain any power, what would it be?
Kii: being able to talk to animals Q A Q
Maya: Making Yumi SHUT UP.
Yumi: The ability to draw like a boss
Luci: Unlimited stamina!
Yumi: that's what she said lol
Maya: YUMI.


-27. Any last words?
Yumi: I'm in so much trouble once we're done here.
Maya: *grumbling about being embarrassed*
Luci: Thank you!
Kii: *fell asleep*

That took way too much time out of my very busy life.

I tag: Whoever wants to do this?

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